Praise from customers

I’ve had some wonderful clients, for whose flattery I am eternally grateful.

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Copywriting chameleon

“Raz is a copywriting chameleon. My clients expect to receive their marketing copy with consistent style and rhythm. They might not realize what skill that takes. But they know when something is off. And so do I. Raz has a rare gift. He can adapt his style to match whatever writing the client needs. And his own personal spark still pokes through. In short, Raz makes me look good.”

– Seth Greenberg, Co-Founder, Fresh Pie Marketing

A professional of the highest caliber

“I’ve had the pleasure of working extensively with Raz over the past few years. This included Hebrew-to-English translation of very complex professional texts in humanities and social sciences (an academic monograph, research proposals, articles, etc.) Some of these underwent the strictest scholarly evaluation at US and UK publications. I have no doubt that the readers’ enthusiasm with the wording of those texts was a key factor in their decision to recommend publication.

Working with Raz was (and is) a wonderful experience: he’s a professional of the highest caliber, extremely intelligent and sharp, and with an amazing grasp of languages. Raz’s high ability to absorb the unique terminology of each field, even if he hasn’t specialized in it, enables him to give the text the best possible treatment. Furthermore, Raz is a pleasant and empathetic person, able to “inhabit” the writer’s mind and suggest a translation delightfully suited to the original intent. His accuracy, meticulousness, adherence to tight schedules, and friendly attitude are just icing on the cake.”

– Khen Lampert, PhD Philosophy, Tel Aviv University and Kibbutizim College

One of our star scriptwriters

“We’ve worked with many writers in the past 4-5 years, and I must say that Raz is one of our star scriptwriters.

He’s talented and versatile, and knows how to quickly take a story from its concept to a world of elegant language and clever narrative. Sarcastic humor, comedy, drama, suspense, corporate – you name it: Raz knows how to craft the most accurate storytelling in order to deliver your message. One of his greatest advantages is that he is able to adapt to any field, style, or type of writing, constantly delivering fine outlines and refreshing scripts.

It’s always a pleasure to work with him.”

– Jonathan Goldfrid, Mustache Studio (

Demonstrates a complete grasp of English, literary sensibility, and a musical ear

“Raz translated an original historical play for me: a complex text that Raz handled very successfully, demonstrating not only a complete grasp of the various registers and historical layers of the English language, but also a subtle literary sensibility and a musical ear.

Working with him was very pleasant, as he constantly strove to cooperate with the customer and understand his meanings. He asked numerous questions, showing not only intelligence but also modesty and humility, without ever discounting his own opinion where he thought it mattered.

I have no doubt that I will hire Raz again should I require similar work.”

– Boneh Tirosh, author and playwright

A joy to work with!

“Raz consistently delivers his [film/TV subtitle] files on time and maintains a clear and pleasant line of communication throughout every project. A joy to work with!”

– Sebastian Janssen, Director of Production, Captions, Inc., California

We warmly recommend him

“Raz has written and edited marketing materials for several of our ventures – including website content, investor presentations, one-pagers, and more. We’re extremely pleased with his work and his professionalism, and will continue working with him in the future. We warmly recommend him.”

– Igal Chemerinski and Menny Shalom, Wayerz interbank technologies

Fast, courteous, and most importantly - professional

“I got to know Raz while working on my first film, Akara – Barren.

Raz did an excellent job translating the film’s subtitles, and assisted me greatly in other translation needs for the film’s marketing.

The service I got from him was fast, courteous, and most importantly, professional.”

– Esty Shushan, filmmaker, Petah Tikva, Israel

An excellent editor and proofreader

“It is my pleasure to recommend Raz as an excellent editor and proofreader. Raz has been reading my research work throughout my BA and MA, and has also been extremely helpful with my PhD proposals. He helped me to turn in cohesive, grammatically impeccable, and eloquent academic texts, and provided insights and suggestions on elaborating my arguments.

Writing is a conversation: an ongoing exchange of ideas, opinions, and words. Raz has consistently deepened and enriched this conversation.”

– Omri Reis, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, University of Tokyo

Shows an interest, and gives valuable advice on both form and content

“For the past six years, Raz has been contributing to my students’ graduation theses by proofreading and editing their drafts. In addition, he has edited numerous PhD-level papers for myself. His editing is meticulous and precise, and his work is always on time. He tries to understand the thesis in depth, shows an interest in the theme, and gives valuable advice on both form and content. It is such fun to work with him. Both I and my students are grateful for his help.”

– Prof. Yoshimi Miyake, University of Akita, Japan

Reliable, efficient, and cares about his clients

“In the course of my legal work, I’ve called on Raz’s assistance many times for translating documents. Every time I contacted him, I received attentive personal service, at a cost that wasn’t high compared to the translation market, particularly considering the quality of his work.

Raz has proven himself to be a reliable and efficient translator who cares about his clients. Whenever I need translation again, I’m sure I’ll contact him, and also recommend him to my colleagues and friends.”

– Israel Mey-Bar, Adv.

A professional who always takes responsibility for his work

“Whenever I ask Raz to proofread an academic paper for me, he’s always there, and always completes it on time. Also, I know I can count on him for any subsequent edits needed. He’s a professional who always takes responsibility for his work.”

– M.N., Associate professor, Osaka University

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