Screenwriting sample – extended video outline

Extended outline for a marketing video for a trading website:
SINISTER MUSIC. A young man parts a bead curtain into a fortune teller’s darkened, smoky room. As he walks in, we see his POV closing up on the fortune teller, a scary woman seated at a round table. She is a ridiculous mash-up of a gypsy, a Candomblé priestess, an African witch doctor, and Carmen Miranda. She has evil, penetrating eyes. “They said you could help me,” he says. “You are confused,” she replies knowingly in a crone’s voice. “Do you know what I should do?” he asks. She replies: “Madam Shmutzka sees all… at a price.” In two hands, she holds up a wine goblet and an oversized, shiny needle that twinkles. The guy nods reluctantly and extends his right index finger. He looks away, shutting his eyes, and winces as she pricks his finger off-camera. We see a red blood drop fall into the goblet and diffuse into the wine with a SEARING SOUND. A disembodied wraith escapes the magic goblet, whispering in a Lord of the Rings voice: “Buy lowwww… sell highhhh…”. The fortune teller looks the guy in the eye, saying: “You must buy low and sell high.” He looks incredulously at his finger (with a tasteful red dot on it), then at her, and cries out: “Yeah, but which stocks?!” Dropping the act, the fortune teller shrugs and says, “Eh… they say biotech’s pretty hot.” THE SINISTER MUSIC SCREECHES TO A HALT. His jaw drops and he looks at her unbelievingly. FREEZE FRAME. V.O.: “Want to trade stocks without all the superstition and guesswork?”

The guy nods at the camera. GRAPHICS: The darkened, evil room shatters away, revealing the crisp, airy, brightly colored world of OurCompany. The guy looks at his finger. We see the finger: The red dot shrinks and disappears. Then we follow the finger in swooping camera moves as it clicks, swipes across, and scrolls over various functions on [our site], intercut with relevant images/screenshots, and the guy’s appreciative, happy face. All this with the following VOICEOVER [rewrite as needed]:

“OurCompany is a new, crowd-sourced trading platform and social network that allows you to see how others are trading in real-time, follow successful traders, and even copy them. Using our safe and easy platform, you can dispel the mystery of trading, become part of a smart worldwide community, and learn from the best to become the best – all while having fun and meeting people just like you.” SLOGAN: OurCompany – Trade with Confidence OR Trade Smart OR Learn from the best to become the best.

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