Screenwriting sample – script outline

Outline for a crowdfunding script for children’s math learning software:
A good crowdfunding video hinges on a personal appeal to the donor. This is all the more crucial in the case of OurCompany, whose product strives for something truly inspiring and meaningful: to build up a child’s self-worth via a critical life skill.

We suggest a video composed of an on-camera speech (preferably by the founder/s of OurCompany), accompanied by snippets of the software, and the following emotional trigger:

We pan across different boys and girls working on their homework, both on computer and on paper. For each child, we see a mirror reflection, or window reflection, or shadow, or any other form of ghost image, of that child as an adult. That ghost is their self image and their projected future. As the child struggles, we see the image of an unhappy adult (showing no specific job, so as not to disrespect any profession). In a later reiteration, after OurCompany has been presented, we see the same kids doing homework, and this time we see in the background confident, sophisticated professionals: a male architect, a female programmer, etc.

All this is intercut with the ongoing heartfelt speech by “our” person, which of course will be written out.

It is such fun to work with Raz. Both I and my students are grateful for his help.”
Prof. Yoshimi Miyake, University of Akita

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